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E+E Design Consulting

Interior Design Consulting at your service!

E+E Design Consulting is an in-demand Interior Design consulting firm. We work with clients virtually as well as in Colorado + California, on a variety of projects from kitchen and bath to furniture and finishes.
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Wow! I am impressed! E+E Design Consulting has been assisting me with my entire home remodel, over 6,000 square feet from designing my kitchen + bath cabinetry to selecting flooring, hardware, tile, lighting and more! They designed my fireplace and space planned my entire house! I would HIGHLY recommend their talented services.

Sarah Andrews

We have used E+E Designs to help us with our kitchen design. We have been able to do all of the planning and design virtually and are THRILLED with the results. Their attention to detail, positive attitude and creative style has made this process so enjoyable.

 Jake + Lauren Hilton

I have had odds and ends to complete my home for years and haven't been able to decide where to start. I found E + E Design Consulting and they have helped guide me and give me clear direction on where to begin and which way to go. I'm a total DIY-er, so I loved that they were willing to work with me and simply say yes or no to making decisions that worked for the design in my spaces. I 110% recommend them to hire!

Jessica Weaver


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